To help AI Teams deliver AI models at scale effortlessly.

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Syndicai is a deep tech startup operating in the space of MLOps, in particular AI model deployment and serving, powered by top-notch AI brands, like Nextgrid, APX and Nvidia. It aims to help AI creators deliver AI models in production effortlessly providing an all-in-one platform for organizations to deploy, manage and scale enterprise-grade AI models without unnecessary complexity.

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Solves one of the biggest AI problems.

As we know AI is the major driving force behind many of the applications we see today.From self-driving cars to superior vision solutions in healthcare, to the recently announced astonishing NLP GPT-3 model capable of generating content. Unfortunately, the process of putting those AI models in production is not effective as it might be. Effectively bringing machine learning to production is one of the biggest challenges that Data Science and DevOps teams today struggle with. Studies show that over 80% of AI projects get stuck in the development phase, are partially successful, or end up consuming far more time and resources than was projected.General AI workflow starts with gathering & cleaning data, goes through AI model building and training, and finish with scaling it to the ship-able product. Last step requires ML Engineers and DevOps to work together, however it causes a lot of friction. They work differently in terms of style, but also in terms of software, environment. There are not many people that knows both of those field of expertise.

Builds the solution for AI Teams. & real geeks!

The solution that we propose aims to help AI Teams deploy and manage AI models at scale effortlessly. With our cloud agnostic platform we aim to reduce friction between Data Scientists and Software Engineers through easy collaboration, automating repetitive tasks, and optimizing cloud infrastructure.Main features of the platform are: Optimized infrastructure, Easy deployment, shareable GPU, A/B Testing and great UI.

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