Ship AI models at scale effortlessly.

Syndicai is a low-code MLOps platform that deploys, manages, and scales any trained AI model in minutes with no configuration & infrastructure setup.

AI delivery at scale is complicated.

To successfully deploy AI models at scale you need to understand the basics of DevOps and Software Engineering such as infrastructure orchestration, scalability, security, versioning, reproducibility, monitoring, and more... That's very often a problem, especially when you are an AI creator. Syndicai aims to solve that problem so that you can deploy, manage and scale any trained AI model with seamless git integrations and zero configuration.

Blazing fast from model to production.

Worldwide, talented teams like yours are developing AI-driven products and services. As a result, you'll deliver a great user experience to tens of thousands, or even millions. Therefore, in Syndicai we aim to help you adopt best deployment practices, remove blockers, and launch on time and with confidence right from the very beginning.

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Zero Docker & Kubernetes knowledge required.

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Production-ready deployments from day one.

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Seamless integration with Git, storage, and more.

Easily manageable and highly scalable.

If you are creating a new app or service powered by deep learning, migrating to the cloud for better performance, or automating pipelines to boost AI delivery, we can help. Syndicai lets you manage teams, track resource consumption, and integrate with other tools and services.

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Highly scalable & secure API from day one.

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Fully integrated performance monitoring.

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Intuitive UI with API integration out-of-the-box


Deploy 1st model in seconds.

A complete, serverless solution for Developers of high-performance Deep Learning models and algorithms. Highly collaborative, blazing-fast, and zero-config.

1. Connect repository
2. Push code with Git
3. Instant, Enterprise-Grade Deployments

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