Meet the platform.

A cloud agnostic platform for production-ready AI model deployments at scale.

Deploy. Manage. Scale.

Syndicai is a cloud platform for best AI Teams. It enables developers to deploy production-ready AI models at scale without complex infrastructure setup. It is a complete, serverless solution for Developers of high performance Deep Learning models and algorithms. Highly collaborative, blazing fast and zero config.


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Model wrappers

Wrapping your model in a webservice and creating a Dockerfile is an option. Syndicai is able to package your model using custom wrappers.

Optimized architecture

You can wrap your model using high performance libraries in order to speed up inference time and decrease model weight.

Framework agnostic

Use the frameworks and libraries you love. Jupyter notebooks, PyCharm, VS Code, Tensorflow, Keras, Darknet, DL4J, Python, Scala, R... and more!

Git Integration

Run your models straight from Git repository and update to a new version every time you make a `git push` with changes.


Rolling updates

Perform Canary and Shadow deployments in order to test models before going full to production.

Custom Domains

Run deployments with custom domain and private networks.

Monitoring & Logging

Easily debug errors using Syndicai monitoring that collect logs from the building and running a model. You can also integrate Grafana to get customized dashboard.

Resources Management

Manage resources of the organization and also manage resources of a single deployment.


Shareable GPU

Run several models on one GPU in order to get the highest possible efficiency.


All deployments runs on spot-instances in a highly optimized way so you don't have to manage any resources.

Cloud Agnostic

Syndicai Enterprise supports AWS, GCP, Azure and all on-prem hardware with installed Kubernetes.

API and WebUI

Build, Deploy, Manage and Scale your models using WebUI, Rest API or GraphQL

Highly Scalable

The whole Syndicai infrastructure scales easily horizontally and vertically.

Fully Flexible

Plug & play custom dockers and wrappers and easily integrate with other services.


Manage Teams

Create organizations and adjust easily teams and members permissions so that they access only necessary tasks and options.

MLOps practices

Run your models according to best MLOps practices allowing your AI team focus on AI training and testing.

Security & Privacy

SSO, 2FA and AD

All our themes are fully responsive. So, your website looks good on any device

Private Repositories

Connect and manage your private git repositories placed on Github, Gitlab, and Bitbucket.

Store Secrets

Syndicai allows you to store private keys, tokens and secrets.



Deploy your experiments with one click, without taking care of models registry and versioning.


Wrap, deploy and monitor your models using Cortex engine.


Wrap and deploy your models using Seldon Deploy engine.

Intel OpenVINO

Optimize model's performance or use Intel's pre-trained models out-of-the box

Nvidia Triton

Optimize model's performance using Nvidia's Trition Inference engine.


Monitor infrastructure and models as well as customize all components to your needs.

Let's deploy some models together!