Accelerates best AI Teams

Introducing Syndicai Enterprise - a cloud agnostic platform for organizations to deploy, manage and scale enterprise-grade AI models & pipelines without unnecessary complexity.

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Decreased friction in AI delivery.

Machine Learning models that are not deployed and properly managed at scale don’t create any value. Syndicai Enterprise takes care of all stages of the production ML workflow so that you can deliver more models in a fast and secure way.

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Optmize your models & infrastructure

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Easily integrate with Nvidia Trition or Intel OpenVINO to decrease inference time and lower model weights.

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With sharable GPU you can run several models on one graphic card without extensive modifications in your code.

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Syndicai efficiently runs and manage all workloads on top of spot-instances

Integrate most popular services for mlops
improve collaboration and communication of mlops teams

Improve collaboration and communication

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Accelerate Data Scientists so that they can deliver AI models independently from DevOps teams with easy-to-use UI.

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Automate a lot of repeatable work so that DevOps teams can focus on business value delivery using .

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Easily manage teams members access, permissions and integrate with tools and services you love.

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